The Persisting Uncertainties of Kuntillet ‘Ajrud

Everything about it has been difficult. Located in the Sinai desert about 10 miles west of the ancient Gaza Road (Darb Ghazza, in Arabic) as it passes through Bedouin territory separating the Negev from Egypt, it is remote and isolated from any other settlement. In 1975, a Tel Aviv University archaeologist named Ze’ev Meshel, […]

Scribe Links Qumran and Masada

Recently Ada Yardeni, the foremost paleographer working in Israel today, made a startling claim: More than 50 Dead Sea Scroll manuscripts were copied by the same scribe.1 The 54 manuscripts came from six different caves: Qumran Caves 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 11. Even more surprising, Yardeni identified the same scribal hand in […]

Is T1 David’s Tomb?

“Then David slept with his ancestors, and was buried in the City of David.” (1 Kings 2:10) According to the Book of Kings, most of David’s immediate successors down through Ahaz were also buried in the City of David.a The City of David, a 12-acre site, is well established as the earliest settlement of […]

From Jewish to Gentile
How the Jesus Movement Became Christianity By Geza Vermes

The combined expression “Jewish Christian,” made up of two seemingly contradictory concepts, must strike readers not specially trained in theology or religious history as an oxymoron. For how can someone simultaneously be a follower of both Moses and Jesus? Yet at the beginning of the Christian movement, in the first hundred years of the […]


Saida, Lebanon