Archaeology for the Young of All Ages
An archaeology series for kids teaches adults as well By Kathe Schwartzberg

The Lerner Archaeological Series is written for readers twelve and above, but like many well written books for youngsters, this series can be enjoyable and informative to adults as well.

Dating the Patriarchal Stories
Van Seters responds to Nahum Sarna's review of Abraham in History and Tradition By John Van Seters

In his review of my book, Abraham in History and Tradition, Nahum Sarna sets the context for his remarks with a brief but very helpful survey of the development of historical criticism of the Pentateuch, including literary and form criticism (see “Abraham in History,” BAR 03:04). However, he does not deal with my literary […]

BAR Readers Restore and Preserve Herodian Jericho
A report to BAR readers on work accomplished with support by their Preservation Fund By Ehud Netzer

I am happy to report to BAR readers on the preservation and restoration work which was accomplished last year with funds which they—you—provided. But before I do let me tell you briefly about the continuing excavations at the site of the winter palaces.

Saving the Mt. Sinai Mosaics

Archaeologists usually recover their treasures beneath the earth. Instead of digging beneath the earth, however, we were high above it on a four-story scaffold, exploring the half-dome of the apse of the Byzantine Church at Saint Catherine’s monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai. But we felt as much like archaeologists as those […]

What the Babylonian Flood Stories Can and Cannot Teach Us About the Genesis Flood

The Babylonian flood stories are similar to the Genesis flood story in many ways, but they are also very different. If we look deeply enough into those Babylonian flood stories, they teach us how to understand the structure of the Genesis flood story. At the same time such a comparison also emphasizes how different […]

Yigael Yadin to Head New Excavation

Signaling an eventual return to the world of archaeology, Yigael Yadin has stated he will lead a major new archaeological excavation. Yadin, formerly head of Hebrew University’s Institute of Archaeology, is currently Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister.

Kathleen Kenyon 1906-1978

Generally recognized as the world’s greatest field archaeologist and clearly Great Britain’s leading Biblical archaeologist, Dame Kathleen Mary Kenyon is dead at 72. Dame Kathleen died in August, less than a week after suffering a stroke. She was stricken at her home in Wrexham, North Wales.