The Remarkable Discoveries at Tel Dan

In the summer of 1979 an astounding structure was uncovered at Tel Dan in northern Israel. Excavators from the Hebrew Union College—Jewish Institute of Religion expedition found a huge mudbrick gateway consisting of two towers joined by a completely intact mudbrick arch. The complex is dated to the Middle Bronze II A-B period, about […]

An Ancient Coin Depicts Noah’s Ark
Early association established between Turkish Ararat and Noah’s landing place By Yaakov Meshorer

New evidence for the antiquity of the tradition associating Mt. Ararat in Turkey with the landing place of Noah’s Ark comes to us in the form of a unique coin on display at the Israel Museum. This large bronze medallion was struck 1700 years ago at Apameia Kibotos in Asia Minor (modern Turkey) near […]

What Archaeology Can Contribute to an Understanding of the Bible

Although Professor Dever objects to the use of the term “Biblical archaeology” (see “Should the Term ‘Biblical Archaeology’ Be Abandoned?” BAR 07:03), few are as articulate as he in describing what archaeology, and particularly Syro-Palestinian archaeology, can contribute to our understanding of the Bible and the Biblical periods. Professor Dever has made available to […]

The Exodus and the Crossing of the Red Sea, According to Hans Goedicke
Leading scholar unveils new evidence and new conclusions; search goes on for archaeological support By Hershel Shanks

The crossing of the Red Sea in which the Egyptians drowned was an actual historical event that occurred in 1477 B.C. The miraculous episode took place in the coastal plain south of Lake Menzaleh, west of what is now the Suez Canal. The drowning of the Egyptians was caused by a giant tidal-like wave […]

A Critique of Professor Goedicke’s Exodus Theories

The reaction among scholars to Professor Goedicke’s newly expressed views regarding the Exodus and the crossing of the Red Sea (see “The Exodus and the Crossing of the Red Sea, According to Hans Goedicke,” BAR 07:05) has been, to put it mildly, not good. A universally respected and extremely prominent American Biblical historian referred […]

BAR Jr.: Housewares and Recipes from 2,000 Years Ago

The housewares on these pages are not a manufacturer’s new line. Nor are they the work of a clever department store display, trying to launch a new line of cookware. They are actually 1,600 to 2,000 years old, yet their design is so contemporary that they could very well be from a modern housewares […]