The shipwreck at Cape Gelidonya, about 70 miles east of Uluburun, has been dated to about 1200 B.C. by radiocarbon tests on brushwood found on the ship. Spotted by a sponge diver in 1954, the wreck was excavated in 1960 by George F. Bass, then at the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania—the first shipwreck excavation carried to completion on the seabed. The ship’s cargo included tin ingots and copper ox-hide ingots from Cyprus, as well as Mycenaean, Syrian and Cypriot pottery. Since the merchant’s weights found on the ship were all of Syro-Canaanite or Cypriot origin, scholars believe that the Cape Gelidonya ship, like the Uluburun ship, embarked from a Levantine port.