Reconstructing Herod’s Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Herod the Great—master builder! Despite his crimes and excesses, no one can doubt his prowess as a builder.

A Pilgrim’s Journey

Jerusalem is bathed in the clear light of early morning. A pilgrim has come for one of the great festivals, and his journey is almost over. He begins the ascent from the Siloam Pool at the bottom part of the Lower City. The sun is not yet casting its harsh glare on the stepped […]

Quarrying and Transporting Stones for Herod’s Temple Mount

Herod’s construction in the Temple Mount area, like the construction of most of Jerusalem’s buildings, used local limestone.

Reconstructing the Triple Gate

Reconstructing the Triple Gate required that we answer three principal questions. What was the gate’s original width? Was it originally a double gate or a triple gate? For whom was it built? The discovery of a vault in front of the Triple Gate—about 23 feet south of the facade—gave us critical information for understanding […]

New Hope for the Unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls

At long last, significant progress is being made to assure publication of the substantial batch of unpublished Dead Sea Scroll texts.a And we may soon learn just how substantial this batch is; finally, after more than three decades, a complete catalogue of the unpublished Dead Sea Scroll texts is being prepared. Unfortunately, the good […]

How Are “BAR” and “BAS” Pronounced?

An old friend of my mother recently returned to Florida from an extended stay in California. One of the highlights of her trip to California, she reported to my mother, was some lectures by a Dr. Horn. Knowing that the distinguished professor and dean emeritus of Andrews University, Siegfried Horn, often lectured at BAS’s […]

How the Ancients De-Loused Themselves

The lowly louse has been harassing humankind for millennia. In the past few years we have been trying to locate the little critter archaeologically. Not only has our search for the louse itself been successful, but we have in the process even discovered an effective ancient delousing procedure. Ancient literature is full of references […]